Why us? Let us hear from our clients

One of our oldest clients is the Sorbum Group. We have been providing them with services since the summer of 2019. They are also one of our first clients whose voice can best describe what we can do and whether we can do it at all.

How are we doing?

Giedrius Oliškevičius, General Manager of the Sorbum Group:

Since I personally know the Manager of Alantic and his values, I was certain that they would be passed on to the company he leads. Too true – we approve of the company’s values and attitude towards their clients.

I will usually choose a service provider based on several important criteria. Firstly, I look at their professionalism and knowledge in their field, their expertise. In this case, I have no doubts about any of the employees at Alantic.

On the other hand, the market is saturated with experts and specialists in every field. What I look for in a partner then is their ability to conquer the nightmare. I, personally, do not want to know the nitty gritty of the problem, the course of solving it or, by the same token, to participate in that process at all. I need troubleshooting and a clockwork solution.

And that is why we collaborate with Alantic: we deliver our problem or an issue and they deliver all possible solutions with an emphasis on the best option.


20 08 2019

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