IT Support Services

Automated support services for IT systems, end-users and workplaces - fast performing IT without disruptions.

Our Services

End-Users Workplaces Support

Continuous support for end-users, workstations and mobile devices

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Systems Support

Continuous support for systems and servers

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Modern Tools

Modern business needs are always changing. To address this, we have employed flexible cloud solutions and a technological infrastructure adapted to changes


Modern integrated tools include workflow automation features for IT support and business processes

Self-Service Portal

Self-service portal and customer support platform enable the management of all IT and business services in one place

Artifilial Intelligence (AI)

Data accumulated by modern tools enable the practical application of Artificial Intelligence algorithms (Machine Learning) in IT support services (AIops)

Knowledge Base and Problem Management

Timely and informed decisions using our constantly growing knowledge base and the enabled problem management process solutions

Change and Third-Party Management

Full change management process, including release and third-party management

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