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Altic - IT services companies group based in Lithuania and Sweden, established by senior professionals since 2016. We believe that combining new technology and innovation with the competencies of our skilled employees always leads to the best results for our customers.
Altic (prev. Alantic) team consists of skilled professionals with over 10 years of experience in IT, Telco, and Business Management. The company owners and the employees have all gained experience at the largest Baltic and Nordic IT and telco companies and have managed IT at large privately owned company groups. We have combined these valuable skills into a single offer of increasing the scope and quality of our services to a new level for our customers.
Our promises are based on best tools and technologies, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI).

TB of data in Data Warehouses

We are experienced and certified specialists

The competencies of our team members are endorsed by a number of certifications: ITIL, CGEIT, CISA, COBIT, OCP, MCITP DBA, Azure Data Engineer, Azure Data Scientist, etc.

Marijus Strončikas

Partner | CEO

Martynas Špokas

Partner | Data & AI

Marek Dyl

Partner | IT services

Martynas Arėška

Partner | Sales & Relations

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We are sponsor of the US and Lithuanian business forum

We are sponsor of the US and Lithuanian business forum

We are proud to be a sponsor of the North American Lithuanian Business Forum 2024. As an innovative company with a focus on modern IT solutions and exceptional IT competencies, we are committed to growth and expansion. We believe that the North American Lithuanian Business Forum is an important platform for connecting businesses and professionals from Lithuania and North America, and we are excited to be a part of it.

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We are actively considering expanding into the US, therefore we are sponsoring the North American Lithuanian Business Forum - an event dedicated to transatlantic partnership, progress and innovation, which took place on March 5-7 in New York. The forum featured presentations and workshops by business, cultural and political leaders from the US and Lithuania.

We believe in the power of world-changing ideas, which is why we are sponsoring one of the event's speakers Kristina Dryža - a futurologist, archetypal consultant, TEDx speaker and author. More about the event - in the comments.

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How to be prepared for NIS2 directive

How to be prepared for NIS2 directive

Experts advise on how to prepare for NIS2. Lithuania must implement the Network and Information Systems Security Directive (NIS2) into its legal framework by October 16, 2024, which will require businesses to comply with much stricter cybersecurity requirements. NIS2 will affect more than 20,000 Lithuanian companies, and non-compliance could result in fines of up to millions of euros.

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One of the most important changes is the expansion of the list of sectors in which companies are subject to stricter cybersecurity requirements. It is estimated that at least 22,000 Lithuanian companies operating in the energy, transport, banking, financial market infrastructure, healthcare, drinking water supply, wastewater treatment, digital infrastructure, public administration, space, food production, processing and distribution sectors will have to comply with NIS2. In addition, regardless of the sector, the directive will also affect all companies in our country with more than 50 employees and a turnover or assets exceeding EUR 10 million.

The Pareto principle will help
According to Marijus Strončikas, CEO of IT services company Altic IT, only about half of the companies affected by the directive have started preparing for NIS2 so far. "Preparations for the NIS2 directive can take from several months to a year, depending on the management's attitude towards security, the perception of risks to the activity and the current cybersecurity situation. However, the implementation of basic measures can be done much faster. Nevertheless, companies are not advised to look at the implementation of requirements only as a formality - NIS2 is a reminder that cybersecurity should become one of the main business priorities," says M. Strončikas. According to him, the Pareto principle also applies in the field of cybersecurity: by implementing 20% of the most important security measures, 80% of the most crytical cybersecurity issues and threats will be solved. Therefore, organizations preparing for NIS2 should start with basic steps.

"Companies should implement automated cybersecurity measures that will continuously scan the company's systems for vulnerabilities and help to 'patch' them. It is also necessary to ensure that regular backups of data are made to hard-to-reach and secure locations. Of course, organizations must ensure that software is regularly updated - it is often the 'holes' in software that become the gateway to internal company systems," notes M. Strončikas.

Hackers access to internal company systems can also be obtained due to employee negligence or carelessness. Therefore, companies must ensure that all passwords are managed centrally and that employees connect to company systems using a two-factor authentication system.

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