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Altic - IT services companies group based in Lithuania and Sweden, established by senior professionals since 2016. We believe that combining new technology and innovation with the competencies of our skilled employees always leads to the best results for our customers.
Altic (prev. Alantic) team consists of skilled professionals with over 10 years of experience in IT, Telco, and Business Management. The company owners and the employees have all gained experience at the largest Baltic and Nordic IT and telco companies and have managed IT at large privately owned company groups. We have combined these valuable skills into a single offer of increasing the scope and quality of our services to a new level for our customers.
Our promises are based on best tools and technologies, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI).

TB of data in Data Warehouses

We are experienced and certified specialists

The competencies of our team members are endorsed by a number of certifications: ITIL, CGEIT, CISA, COBIT, OCP, MCITP DBA, Azure Data Engineer, Azure Data Scientist, etc.

Marijus Strončikas

Partner | CEO

Martynas Špokas

Partner | Data & AI

Marek Dyl

Partner | IT services

Martynas Arėška

Partner | Sales & Relations

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Lithuanian and Swedish Alantic businesses have merged to become the Altic Group

Lithuanian and Swedish Alantic businesses have merged to become the Altic Group

UAB Alantic not only offers information technology (IT) support services to the clients, but also artificial intelligence (AI), business analytics, and other innovative products and has now merged its growing businesses in Lithuania and Sweden. The company has changed its name to become the Altic Group and has plans for further development in other European Union countries and further growth aiming for a turnover of 5 million euros in three years and 40 new jobs.

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‘More and more of our clients use not only the classic IT support services, but also AI and business analytics solutions. We are growing by creating the best tools and by constantly automating our processes and services. The Group of companies onboards highly qualified experts only, both in Lithuania and Sweden,’ says Marijus Strončikas, CEO of Altic.
According to Strončikas, the Altic brand consolidates the Group's experience and knowledge in implementing extremely complex projects. ‘Some of these projects had to be implemented in a very short time, and some were completed in extreme circumstances, such as during the first quarantine in Lithuania last spring, when the key establishments and institutions of the country required emergency assistance,’ remembers the Head of the Altic Group.
The Head of the Company states that merging the operating companies into the Group creates the opportunity to develop much more quickly, to exchange knowledge and share experts, and to move into new markets abroad in the near future.
We believe that the future belongs to those who are able to combine the latest technologies and the best human qualities. This is the path we take. We understand that modern business needs are constantly changing. Accordingly, we have chosen a technology infrastructure that adapts to the changes, and we use flexible cloud computing solutions. Finally, we are not afraid to take risks in order to achieve the best results for our clients. This business integration is a new stage for us,’ says Strončikas.
According to him, the company’s office in Sweden has already been renamed Altic, and the registration of the new brand in Lithuania is nearing completion.
Altic currently employs 22 highly qualified IT specialists in Lithuania and 15 in Sweden. In the next few years, the total number of employees is expected to increase to 70.
The company managed to reach the turnover of the whole previous year in the first six months of this year in Lithuania. It plans to increase it 2.5 times by the end of the year. Its 3-year plan is to grow into a company group with a turnover of 5 million euros.
The average salary of Altic IT employee is EUR 3 412 per month (June 2021 data).

Altic Group clients in Lithuania: Mitnija, MODUS Group, CityBee, Kemi, Optikos Pasaulis, Vilnius International School, Exleasingcar, State Enterprise Turto Bankas, Vilnius City Municipality Administration, Public Institution Greitosios Medicinos Pagalbos Stotis; and Swedish clients: Tele2, Vattenfall, Comhem, Eon.

14 09 2021

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Artificial intelligence – against illegal labour

Artificial intelligence – against illegal labour

It was our first time participating in the GovTech Challenge Series that brings together public sector challenges and innovative teams with their ideas and solutions. We demonstrated what we have achieved in the virtual GovTech Demo Day event where the latest technological solutions developed in Lithuania were exhibited.

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We presented the solution we have implemented for the State Labour Inspectorate under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour to identify the cases of illegal labour using the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence.

Without delving into the technicalities, our tool simply combines data from a variety of public and private sources, then links them together and displays the existing connections visually. This allows the specialists at the Inspectorate to identify the risks and to take specific actions significantly faster.

It is a tool that the inspectors can successfully and productively use in their daily activities.

The development of this tool posed many challenges starting with the technological solutions to the human factors, for example, having to gather all the necessary people involved in implementing this solution at one table during the holidays and on hot summer days. However, we managed to overcome everything, and the prototype of the tool has been put to work in real life. The Inspectorate specialists can now identify and solve the pressing issues faster and with more information at their disposal, which means increased efficiency.

We believe that once this project is fully implemented, it will help make Lithuania stronger and more innovative.

28 07 2021

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