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Altic - IT services companies group based in Lithuania and Sweden, established by senior professionals since 2016. We believe that combining new technology and innovation with the competencies of our skilled employees always leads to the best results for our customers.
Altic (prev. Alantic) team consists of skilled professionals with over 10 years of experience in IT, Telco, and Business Management. The company owners and the employees have all gained experience at the largest Baltic and Nordic IT and telco companies and have managed IT at large privately owned company groups. We have combined these valuable skills into a single offer of increasing the scope and quality of our services to a new level for our customers.
Our promises are based on best tools and technologies, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI).

TB of data in Data Warehouses

We are experienced and certified specialists

The competencies of our team members are endorsed by a number of certifications: ITIL, CGEIT, CISA, COBIT, OCP, MCITP DBA, Azure Data Engineer, Azure Data Scientist, etc.

Marijus Strončikas

Partner | CEO

Martynas Špokas

Partner | Data & AI

Marek Dyl

Partner | IT services

Martynas Arėška

Partner | Sales & Relations

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Altic IT Turnover More Than Doubled Last Year

Altic IT Turnover More Than Doubled Last Year

Altic IT is artificial intelligence and IT support solutions company that ended the year 2021 with a turnover of € 1.62 million or 2.5 times more than the € 0.65 million in 2020, and a profit of € 0.24 million.

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In the press release, the company’s manager states that the growth was driven by innovative IT service solutions, successes in tenders held by Lithuanian businesses, and the growing interest in the possibilities of artificial intelligence implementation.

‘Smaller than others, but faster, more flexible and unique, bringing together the best in the field – that is how we are entering the new year. Last year was thoroughly successful – we have refined our operations and services, restructured our company, and ensured successful business procurements,’ says Marijus Strončikas, the CEO of Altic IT.

According to Strončikas, the portfolio of the company’s largest clients more than doubled last year.

Strončikas explains that last year was very significant for the company with the founding of the Artificial Intelligence and Performance Analysis Solutions Branch offering IT innovations. The Branch is already serving companies such as Exleasingcar, cargoGO Logistics, and other Lithuanian companies.

The CEO predicts that an increasing number of companies will be using artificial intelligence (AI), from those managing online stores to those dealing with large data streams in other activities.

Altic IT currently employs 24 IT and AI specialists in Lithuania, with their numbers having increased by nearly 50% since the beginning of the year. The company outsources some of its expertise from external EU markets. According to Strončikas, this business model enables extremely efficient project management and implementation across different situations and countries.

Altic IT Ltd is part of the Altic Group, which is a joint company group based in Lithuania and Sweden. The group also offers information technology (IT) support services, artificial intelligence (AI), data platforms, and business analytics services in Sweden. The group expects to achieve a turnover of € 5 million and create 40 new jobs within three years.

01 02 2022

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Microsoft Gold Analytics Partner level achieved

Microsoft Gold Analytics Partner level achieved

Last year was truly special. We were successful in more than 80 percent of tenders and managed to bring together talents (there are over 24 talents in our Lithuanian office alone). We have also set up the AI department and merged Lithuanian and Swedish businesses into a joint Altic Group.

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The second Microsoft Gold Partner award in Gold Data Analytics was a nice wrap-up of the good year. We also claimed first Microsoft Gold Partner award for the Gold Cloud Platform at the beginning of the year.
We don’t know if any other IT company in Lithuania has more competency awards, but the most important is that our customers can gain even more benefits from Cloud solutions.
30 11 2021

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